Thursday, 14 August 2014

Birthday / Summer / Vacation Madness!

You know it's rather funny, whenever I go to begin a post my first thought is to talk about the weather. It's like the original conversation starter will now be known as a "blog starter". What's particularly humorous about me talking about the weather is the fact that I absolutely suck at small talk. Everyone tells me "Just talk about how nice / rainy / snowy / hot it is out. That's a great way to begin a chat." In person I can't do it - I've tried. But then here I am blogging and what do I use to begin things? The local seven day forecast. Weird.

So that being said I will endeavour to not use the weather as a starter. I will vow instead to only speak about my odd family, my odder friends or perhaps the hilarity that is my life....okay, maybe that's not such a great idea. It could get me in trouble. That's not to say I'll never speak about those who surround me because then I'd have very little to say. So, no vows, no promises just me trying to not use the usual (boring) conversational habits.

The past few weeks have been a wee bit crazy. I had a birthday (the big 4-0) which is crazy. In no way, shape, or form do I feel forty. Not that I am upset by the number but rather flabbergasted by it. I know I've earned every one of those years, and am not ashamed by them. I just don't know when they happened.

Anyways, originally I had planned to have a big party with all my friends and family surrounding me. Then, well, finances changed. You know how it is, shit happens and there's nothing we can do but hold on for the ride. So I pulled back on my ideas and decided to have some friends out to the trailer (AKA my summer getaway) for drinks and a campfire. Mr. Gloria gave me a new Kobo Glo, Thing 2 a movie and Thing 1 had previously given me a new book. I was happy with that. (thrilled with the Kobo since it's what I had asked for.)

So on Saturday morning I sat on my deck, reading ("A Discovery of Witches" (on my new Kobo) by Deborah Harkness - a great fantasy series, if you haven't read it I recommend giving it a go.) and relaxing. When all of a sudden my sister L, my sister-in-law J and one of my BF's pull in. Now keep in mind I knew something was up because T (the BF) has been ignoring me for nearly 3 weeks, uanble to talk or make eye contact so when they showed up I wasn't hugely surprised. I may not have known what was going to happen but I knew something was. They load me up (luckily in a dress) and take me to the theater. We saw Les Miserables at The Drayton Theater near Grand Bend, Ontario - a phenominal show. After that we were going out for dinner (or so they told me) and just had to pick up another friend. The surprise was done and I was happy with the theater and friends out for the night. But, that wasn't what was to happen.

We get to the friends place and there is a rather large party for me, including a projector to watch my favorite movies (Rocky Horror Picture show, Veronica Mars and The Princess Bride were on the playbill) We had a barbeque and lots of laughs. This evil scheme was planned by so many friends and Mr. Gloria. (Who by the way I am now concerned about - because my goodness can that boy lie!) I was completely blown away. I really thought the theater was the extent of my surprise but I was wrong. During the party Mr. Gloria pulls up behind me with a brand new scooter. I've always wanted a scooter, mind you I wanted my ass to be a little narrower before planting it on a bike but we can't have everything we want. Mr. Gloria, the sweetest man alive, has been hiding money from me, and planning this party.

I discovered, something I have always suspected but definately had confirmed, that I hate being the center of attention. Everyone was staring at me. I even refused to take my sunglasses off, I don't know if I thought that would let them steal my soul or something equally nefarious but I just couldn't do it. I'm definately a girl who enjoys having a good time, when everyone is chatting and having fun, and NOT looking at me. Don't misunderstand I loved the party, the friends, the food, I just could have done with a little less attention on me specifically.

We laughed, we drank, we watched movies and sang along with them, it was the type of party that I'd always wanted. Although I never could have expected the pinata filled with, novelties (some of them even vibrated). And just for future reference to anyone who might be thinking this sounds like a good idea, I wouldn't recommend putting tubes of lube in a pinata and handing someone a baseball bat. It can get messy. Anyhoo....

Now I have this fabulous scooter to toot around town on, a bad ass biker helmet (old school) and a grin on face from ear to ear as I ride around.

That's enough about my birthday madness, let me tell you a little about the book. I've been assigned a new editor (*Hi, Kristin!*) and we are bopping along. First and second round 'line edits' are done. From what she tells me, it looks like we're done all we can do. Now it's again with the waiting game. Soon we should have some cover art to reveal (in the next month or so).

I have finished also my initial draft on a novella and I have sent that on to my Beta readers, and when they are done it will be editing for me. I'm about halfway through a full novel that has stuttered a little in my brain so I have set it aside for a little while to let the ideas metriculate. That's one of the reasons I haven't been as present online as normal, just so crazy busy.

Now that summer is almost over I am taking a bit of a break. Reading, thinking (okay plotting), chillin' and prepping as I head on vacation in (EEK!) four days! And I am nowhere near ready. The whole fam-damily is heading to Spain for two weeks, for my baby sisters wedding. I am the first to admit I am not a very worldly traveller (pretty insular here) and I am a touch nervous. I'm sure I'll be back in September with all sorts of stories about the insanity that is guaranteed to ensue.

With that thought I am going to get going - too much to do and not enough time and I have been rather long winded today. Until I get back - enjoy the rest of your summer!

Here's a picture for you all to laugh at, me on my new scooter,any suggestions on how to avoid helmet head (hair) would be appreciated. Standing beside me is Mr. Gloria (isn't he handsome!)

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