Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ideas, where do they come from?

Wowsers. Just finished my first edit and sent it off to the editor extraodinaire (I hope), waiting now. The first edit seemed to go well. I think...well, maybe...okay maybe not.... I guess I'll just wait and see.

Anyhoo, I've had a few people ask me where I got the idea for Supernaturally Yours, so I thought I'd write a blog post about it. It will sound cliché and maybe like a line, but I dreamt it. I awoke from a dream, a year and a half ago, with the first line of my novel stuck in my head. "Hi, my name is Anna and I am a zombie." It wasn't that I could remember the dream, just that one line on repeat. It reverberated there for days, while I tried to deny it. The thoughts continued in my head until it was the start of a story. I couldn't stop thinking about it. Within three days of waking up with that I had started writing. For the first two months it was like I had verbal diarrhea, it just came out. It was like my mind was vomiting on the page. (I know nice imagery huh? But it is how it felt) I was like a woman possessed, writing and thinking about the story, within a month I had the first twenty thousand words. After that it got harder, and a lot more work. I slogged through it. I never knew what it was, just that I had to get the story out of my brain. Supernaturally Yours is the first full novel that I wrote.

I've always been an A.D.D writer and crafter, you know the type, I pick something up play with it for a bit then forget about it. I've made stained glass, mosaics, knitting, wooden books, bath products, sewing, jewellery, and so on.. Each craft lasted for a couple of months then I got bored. Our basement is filled with craft supplies that Mr. Gloria is ready to throw out in frustration. Even with writing, which I have always done, I only wrote short stories or poetry because that's all my attention span could handle. When I say this novel is a first for me, you understand it really is a first for me. And you can understand that when I started Supernaturally Yours, I, and my friends and family, had some doubt as to whether it would go anywhere, or even get finished.

What I loved about writing a full novel was the characters. By the end of it, I felt like Anna and Jenny were my family. I knew them so well. I loved bringing the kind of relationship that they have into the light. Although it was my first, I found I truly had something to say.

I always had doubts in the back of my head. You know how it goes, that constantly nagging old lady voice in your head. "You'll never finish." "No one will like it." "It's not worth it, it won't be published." "What's the point?" THAT VOICE. I learned that the voice in my head was full of crap. I ignored Evil Gloria (as I call the doubts) and kept writing. I kept doing what I had to do, putting aside my self doubt and insecurities and letting ME out. Once I did that I found a sense of, it sounds so corny but, peace. I was doing what I had to do. Don't misunderstand, Evil Gloria still comes to play quite often but I've found I can ignore her. Well maybe ignore isn't the right word, but only listen for a little bit then I put her words aside and keep going.

Now how do I get ideas for other stories? The question is, how don't I. I constantly have ideas streaming through my head in full HD. I try to narrow them down, jot them on paper (or in my iphone as the case may be). I have no idea how many notebooks are filled with these thoughts that just come and demand to be let out, to be written down, to be heard. And those are just the ones I actually write down. (It is one of Mr. Gloria's pet peeves about me - especially since I don't write in order or even from the front to the back of the book. I just open any book up and write not caring what page I'm on. He'll grab a notebook and see that the first pages are empty so he starts to use it. Then about half way through he comes to a series of scribbled notes, and poems scattered through the pages. It frustrates him to no get out. That being said, we've been together for over twenty years now and I think that he's getting used to me...maybe.)

Right now I have two very opposing ideas floating around in there, not sure which one will take the forefront. But I'm gonna let them matriculate for a little bit longer to see which one wins.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Grammar, my cryptonite

So I'm busy editing away. While I love the story and creating the characters and world, I have issues - serious issues - with grammar. Grammar to me is much like math. Sometimes I get it, and sometimes well, lets just say, I find it a tad confusing. *understatement* Like there are rules to follow, but only sometimes. And I don't have a rule book so I have no idea what to expect. "You use a comma but only in this case, in another case it might be a period or a semi colon. It all depends." Garr! Sometimes I think this is why I write poetry - because I don't have to have grammar and can pretend it's just an "artistic statement."

I had the image today that I was on an episode of 'The Price is Right'. Growing up we were in the country and only had three channels, so in the summer I pretty much faithfully watched the price is right. Since it was the only thing on at 11 a.m through the week. (I also became addicted to soap operas, but that's another story.)

I digress, I don't know how many of you remember the one game they used to play (they may still have it, I'm not sure) but it was called the Race Game. Contestants had four prizes to choose from and four different prices. They had 45 seconds to race around putting the prices where they think they went. Then they'd race back to Bob, or Drew and pull the lever. The techno wonderful machine would flash how many were right, then they raced back out to change the ones that might be wrong. More often than not when they ran back a second time they had more wrong and had to keep going hoping to get as many right as they could.

Anyways, my thought as I was making changes today was that when I send the book back to the editor, there would be more wrong with it this time BECAUSE of the edits I've made. That I'm stuck in some weird publishing version of the race game. Trying to get it right and just screwing up worse each time. Ending up making random changes, not because I think they are needed or correct, but because I have to try something if I want to win the game.

So that's where I've been, stuck in grammar world, worrying that I have been transported to a universe where commas are part of some weird conspiracy aimed to frustrate me beyond all get out. And hoping that by putting apostrophes in the right spot means I win.

I guess that's it for today. Wish me luck as I search for the semi colon.


Friday, 14 March 2014

My Public Profile...done

Today I took the blog, the Facebook page and twitter public. Phew. I got it all done, with a minimal amount of help. While I am not a technophobe, putting them all up and making sure they worked was a bit daunting. I'm just glad I got it done. I even managed to follow a tutorial that linked the Facebook and twitter pages together!! (that's me patting myself on the back a bit)

On that note feel free to "like" me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gloriacbishopauthor or follow me on twitter @gloriacbishop

I've been editing away, slowly but surely taking bites out of the novel, one nibble at a time. I'm finding it interesting - prior to submitting the book to the publisher I had done 4 drafts, each one (in my humble opinion) better than the last. What I find interesting is as I go through it again I am still finding plenty of things to change. To tweak. To edit. I guess it is true what they say, that one is never truly satisfied with their own work.

I also want to give a quick shout out to my family and friends. Their support and encouragement as this journey begins has been amazing. I know by the time the book is published they will be frothing at the mouth, wanting to tell me to shut up and live in the real world instead of the imaginary one in my head. And they will be right. (I tend to be a touch obsessive) So while they are still happy and not tired of listening to me I will give them a happy high five now. Thanks guys (you know who you are).

Off to continue editing.


Monday, 10 March 2014


I am about to dive into the world of editing. I need to have Supernaturally Yours gone through again for the editor in two weeks. But before I immerse myself into the world of grammar and plot lines I had a day planned. 

I took Thing 1 and 2 to comicon in Toronto for their first convention.  I've always been a self professed geek, Buffy the vampire slayer, zombies and firefly are my biggest weaknesses.  But it was time to introduce my kids to the wonderful world of conventions (or cons as they are called). 

For those of you who have never had a chance to go to a con. It's an event, usually a weekend long, where geek culture is celebrated. There are workshops, vendors that cater to the geek, actors signing autographs and a veritable cornocopia of costumed fans in attendance. Most cons are for anime fans, science fiction, horror, comic book collectors and so on. 

The best part for me has always been the inclusiveness that happens at a con. In the real world us geeks are the outsiders. The "freaks" (a badge that I now wear proudly but has taken many years for me to accept). I love the fact that at a con we all fit it. There are no sideways looks. There is only celebration. Only true joy in being able to dress up and be the surrounded by kindred spirits. 

Anyways, I've proudly raised my kids to be who they are. To like what they like. Without worrying about what others think. Or about what's popular and in style.  Thing 1 is a gaming Star Wars fanatic. Thing 2 has grown into a rabid Whovian (for those who don't understand a whovian is a Doctor Who fan).  

So off we went to their first con with 1 dressed as a Sith Lord and 2 dressed as a female doctor. 

They had a blast. I loved showing them the fringe culture that I, and now they, belong to. A place where they can proudly let their freak flag fly.  They loved every aspect of the convention and are already asking about the next one. 

For them and me it's like coming home. A place where everyone from the jock who secretly watches Star Trek, to the computer geek to the fan girl feels comfortable. There is no judgement just is being us in the way we can. 

If you've never had a chance to go to a con I recommend it. It's definitely a blast for everyone. 

I think I've written enough here so I will go and search for commas. 


I'll leave you with a picture of the best thing ever. I bought it a the con and love that I look like a Wookie!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Here we go...

Hey there! I'm Gloria - thanks for coming to check out my blog. I've just received my first contract to publish my novel "Supernaturally Yours" and here I am a couple days later, blogging away like a pro. Well, maybe not like a pro but definitely like me.

I've given it some thought and what I've come up with is to blog the process of getting published. The nitty gritty, the crazy (that would be me by the way), the insecurities. Basically all my stuff - baggage or laughter. Tears or successes. Tell you about the book, about me and generally bore you or make you giggle with the things that happen.

Here I am, metaphorically naked, as I begin this journey and hope to take a few of you with me. Thanks for coming along, enjoy the ride.