Tuesday, 7 June 2016


I’ve been really absent from the blog over the last little while.  It’s like my life exploded.  Everything that could change seems to have – within a few months.  I sold my store, got a job (supposed to be part time – but I haven’t seen that yet) sold my house, bought a new house, getting ready to move, sold my weekend getaway (also known as my trailer), Thing 1 has accepted his college admittance (eek!), Thing 2 is switching high schools.  *deep breath*  I can and will get through all the changes. 


I do not deal with changes all that well.  And here I am faced with seemingly insurmountable and constant changes. 


I’ve also had a period of severe reflection.  Self-doubt (always a close companion of mine) fear and depression have taken a serious toll on me.  Added to all the other stressors, and I haven’t been feeling creative in the two minutes a day I can call my own.  I want to write, I want to read and yet the depression has me macraméd to the couch watching old reruns of Glee.   in the last two weeks there have been some glimmerings of ideas rumbling around in my head and a slight creative nudge happening so hopefully I will be able to return to my normal self.  I am making a conscious effort to be more present and write more. 


I have been journaling a lot more (old fashioned journaling in a bound-paper book – *gasp* but trust me it’s nothing you would want to read about.  Mostly my overwhelming fears and doubts and allowing my inner whiner free reign.   along with some serious dark poetry not at all suitable for public consumption.


So I hope that everyone is having a good time and can forgive me for being an absent person as I try to sort out my life.

Hugs and kisses to you all.




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