Tuesday, 19 July 2016



We moved last weekend, going from our huge semi with a garage and unfinished basement that allowed me to collect (aka hoard) lots of great things that I *might* need in the future to a small bungalow without a garage and the basement is finished (so no storage).  What a transition.  We had the prerequisite garage sale and purged like you wouldn’t believe prior to the move and I still had too much stuff.  Today Mr. Gloria makes the final trip to the dump to rid ourselves of the last of our excesses.


We moved a week ago and I am proud to say that I am now completely unpacked.  All my pictures are hung, decorative items are out and on full display.  Furniture is where I want it.  I will admit I love moving, the unpacking is a great joy (mostly) for me – I love discovering the beautiful things I own again. 


So with the unpacking came a revelation.  We have a huge rec room / office space.  A 15 foot long wall to house our books.  I happily instructed my Dad where I wanted the seven foot tall shelves and then started loading them up.  I gleefully filled shelves with my favourites, remembering fondly the stories that these tomes contained.  All my Katie McKalisters, the Steven Kings, Mercedes Lackeys, Patrick Rothfusses, Brent Weeks and the Charlaine Harris’s.  I relished the memories of my favourite characters, Talia, Nadine, Christian, Joy and Roxy not to mention Kvothe and Sookie…  I spent long moments caressing their well-worn covers and thoroughly enjoying the sensation. 


Then about 2/3 of the way through the multitude of boxes I came to a shocking stop.  I was out of room on my shelves…and me with 1/3 of my beloved books still to be put away. 


What’s a bibliophilic to do?  Cry?  Scream?  Leave them in boxes?  God forbid but…Purge?  That possibility receives a resounding NO!  We do not get rid of books, that would be akin to throwing away old friends.  And we love our old friends dearly.  So, I bought more book shelves… and the best part – they aren’t quite as full as they could be so I can buy more books

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