Friday, 10 July 2015

Another post...

Wow, it has been way too long since I last wrote a post. I could give a lot of excuses about life getting in the way, or about how busy I've been, or even that I've been too lazy. All would be true to an extent but the honest truth is that I haven't been inspired to write any posts. I've tried - had the page open and ready to go and no words came out. So instead of writing something not real, not me, I held off.

But here I am again words flowing and ready to be heard.

At this point I've been working on marketing Supernaturally Yours. Doing book signings and trying to build an online presense via facebook and twitter. The book signings have went well and I intend on continuing them while the online presense is a bit more difficult. I keep trying and will continue my efforts to see what effect they have.

The response from readers has been great, I really love the feedback it puts a fire under my ass to keep working on my current WIP (work in progress) And what is it I am working on? Well, I finished up my second novel, tentatively titled "Liquid Fire" and it is currently at publishers waiting on a yeah or nay. Liquid Fire is a stand alone novel but is intended as part of a trilogy. With the second novel in the series "North Wind" about 1/4 of the way written right now...

For those who might be interested here's the rough copy of the blurb for Liquid Fire -

Everyone remembers their childhood as being magical. Lee just found out hers really was.

After suffering a run of bad luck, Lee wants nothing more than to lick the wounds of her past and bury herself away from reality, but she discovers a world of magic, a history she never realized existed. Her destined elementals are being held against their will and the only way to find them is to align with the incredibly delectable, unbelievably stubborn Jeremy. They wind down pathways that will take their undeniable chemistry even higher as they move closer to the sinister plot that has stolen her birthright. Together they will find the villian and learn that sometimes fire and water can mix with steamy, hot results.

A spark of flame glows. A sprinkle of rain slows.

Besides slaving away at my computer I've been coming to terms with the fact that my son (aka Thing 1) is turning eighteen next month and we are now in talks with colleges and plans for the future. While on one hand I am so incredibly proud of him, on the other I am terrified. I have a year before he moves out (he is doing a victory lap at high school to get some additional credits) and already I am a mess. I am going to be that mother that is freaking out and calling constantly and crying on a daily basis. (I also can't believe I am now old enough to have a college aged son but that is another post) Without a doubt I love having kids old enough to converse with and both my children are intelligent thoughtful creatures. We can now talk politics (Thing 1 is more versed and wants to talk politics a lot more than I do) about books, movies and life in general. I love that part. I hate the part that says my kids will move away from me. ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY AWAY FROM ME!!! I hate that I won't be able to see and talk to them, that we may drift apart.

I have issues. My closest sibling moved across the country and we went from being closer than anyone could believe possible(even sharing a house as adults and partying together all the time) he was my best friend. Now I see him for a day or two once every year or two. One measly day. And talking on the phone three times a year tops. I lost something so important to me and I can never get it back and it feels like it could happen again with Thing 1.

Then there's the fact that I have no one I can talk to. My kids are older than all my friends children and no one is at this stage in their lives yet. My mother (who experienced me moving away from home at the same age - only a three hour drive - but at the time it was the farthest any of our family had lived from home) well she passed away eleven years ago. It doesn't seem to ever get easier. There are always questions I want to ask "how do I deal with..." "What would you do...." and so on.

Then there's Mr Gloria who is the quintessential duck (nothing sticks to his back) and all he does is smile and tell me it will all be okay. He doesn't worry. He doesn't panic. He just lets things go. With an easy going smile and a laugh. It's enough to make me want to throat punch him with a brick, or maybe a cadillac.

So I've been struggling with the fact that Thing 1 is growing up. In some ways I want to applaud him and hug him and hold him tight. I want time to reverse so I can wrap him in bubble wrap and protect him from the big bad world. Maybe I could lock him in the basement and refuse to let him leave...but no that's an episode of Criminal Minds waiting to happen. I guess I will do what mothers have done for time immemorial: suck it up.

Let him go. Support him. Love him and let him live his own life.

Damn. I hate it when common sense prevails over my emotional state.

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