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The Whispering Winds

New Release!

Whispering Winds
Publication Date: March 31st 2017

Michelle wakes up knowing one thing: she had escaped hell.  She wants nothing more than to keep running and ensure she’d never be caught again.

Healing minds, healings souls is what they do.  It’s what all Incubus and Succubus do.  Dawn had to help Michelle and if it healed Mason in the process all the better.

Mason had his own problems.  He’d come to The Whispering Winds to recover from his own past not be drawn into more human drama and emotions.

None of them expected the heart punching connection they found together.

The danger isn’t over yet.  Can Dawn, Mason and Michelle come together to defeat the evil that threatens to tear them apart before they can give their love a chance?

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The Whispering Winds

Michelle came to consciousness slowly, shocked that she still lived. She didn’t move, a stillness learnt from past necessity kept her from betraying the fact that she had awoken. She had no idea where she was, or who might be around. Taking a quick inventory of her pain wracked body she didn’t think anything had been broken. Aches existed everywhere on her body, evidence of the bruising that surely covered her. A deep pain in her jaw and inside her mouth told of damage there and an inevitably swollen and puffy face. Injured, but ALIVE she analyzed. She would survive this as she had so many other things.
A shuffling sound to her left let her know that the room was otherwise occupied. Without moving she touched the bed beneath her, soft, smooth fabric met her fingertips, unlike the thin foam that she had slept on for the past eight years. A slight inhale had the scent of oranges suffusing her nose. Definitely not in the trailer anymore. Ever cautious she cracked one eye a sliver; enough to see soft light filtering through an eyelet style curtain that moved in the breeze, giving brief glimpses into a forest that spanned beyond the window.
She had no idea where she might be and fought for control of her breathing and her body, she would NOT panic. A soft voice invaded her ears before she could freak out.
“I know you’re awake.” The quiet, calm female voice spoke. “You are safe here.”
Michelle opened her eyes warily, meeting the gaze of the woman. Her brown eyes were almost hidden behind the fringe of black bangs as she looked back steadily. “My name is Calia. I’ve brought you some orange juice.” She tilted her head towards a glass that sat on an ornate silver tray along with a bagel, knife and small bowl that Michelle assumed contained butter or jam. The tray stood on the bedside table within easy reach of Michelle. “Don’t move too fast you are still injured, and you have been asleep for some time. I wouldn’t want you to get dizzy. If you are hungry there is a fresh bagel there as well.”
Michelle’s eyes flickered to the tray and then with mistrust at the woman standing a cautious distance away. “Where am I?” Her voice scratched at her throat painfully.
“This is The Whispering Winds. It is an artist’s retreat just outside of Morrisburg Ontario.” Calia’s black hair flowed over her shoulder, she moved slowly treating Michelle as tenderly as a frightened animal.
“How did I get here?” Michelle demanded, hating the weakness in her voice.
“I found you barely clinging to a log in the river that flows along the edge of my property. I am a … healer and I brought you to my home to help you. Can you tell me your name?” Again her soft and soothing voice only served to irritate Michelle.
“Michelle.” She struggled to sit up, cursing the pain that filled her even more now that she moved. “And while I thank you for your hospitality, I need to go.” Spots danced in front of her eyes as the world seemed to tilt on its axis. A physical and mental weariness threatened to take over but through sheer willpower Michelle pushed it back and attempted to stand.
“Michelle.” Worry filled Calia’s voice as she moved closer. “You are in no shape to go anywhere. I don’t know what happened to you but I assure you that here, you are safe.” She reached out to touch Michelle’s arm when she teetered slightly but Michelle flinched away. “You are safe. Please,” her agonized voice drifted over the room. “Get back into bed. Let us take care of you. You aren’t in any shape to go anywhere.”
Realizing the futility of attempting to leave when she couldn’t even stand on her own Michelle lowered herself back onto the bed, defeat in her posture. Even her mind felt fuzzy and in this state she couldn’t escape anywhere. She needed time to heal, to regain her energy. Taking a deep breath and wincing at the twinge in her ribs she knew she’d have to trust this woman, for now. If she ran she wouldn’t make it far and if Phelon, she cringed at the mere thought of him, if he found her she would never escape again.
Without speaking Calia seemed to sense her acquiescence and handed her the glass of orange juice before moving away to a safe distance. She hummed lightly as she watched, a tune that calmed Michelle as she took a tentative sip of the juice, disturbed that the tiny cup required the use of both her hands to hold it without dropping it. Bright orange exploded on Michelle’s tongue, the juice was freshly squeezed and tasted like heaven after the scanty meals she had had recently. Knowing she needed sustenance to heal she drank the rest down.
“Michelle, please sleep. It will help. I have others here who will help you, and when you wake, we will all endeavor to make you healthy again.”
Overwhelmed with weariness Michelle set down her now empty glass and palmed the knife off the tray as she lay back down clutching her weapon to her chest. Making sure she faced the door she watched out of the corner of her eye as Calia pulled the curtains closed, darkening the room and with a sigh of defeat Michelle closed her eyes and let sleep claim her.


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