Tuesday, 9 January 2018

What have I been up to?

It's been a crazy long time since I last posted.  I've been taking a little (okay a lot) of me time.  Also everytime I've written a blog there were problems posting it.  Not very motivating let me tell you.

I have been writing - not a lot but slowly plugging through, journaling a bunch and working on some poetry.  It might not be what you want to hear but I will admit to my failings.  Through December I did a whole crap tonne of craft shows.

I've also gotten a touch distracted. I've taken up painting.  Water colours to be exact and am enjoying myself immensely.   Mostly I've been making some 'brutally honest greeting cards.  These I showcased along with my novels at the plethora of shows I attended at the end of 2017.

So hopefully this will post and I can show you some of the greeting cards.  Fingers crossed.

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