Monday, 10 March 2014


I am about to dive into the world of editing. I need to have Supernaturally Yours gone through again for the editor in two weeks. But before I immerse myself into the world of grammar and plot lines I had a day planned. 

I took Thing 1 and 2 to comicon in Toronto for their first convention.  I've always been a self professed geek, Buffy the vampire slayer, zombies and firefly are my biggest weaknesses.  But it was time to introduce my kids to the wonderful world of conventions (or cons as they are called). 

For those of you who have never had a chance to go to a con. It's an event, usually a weekend long, where geek culture is celebrated. There are workshops, vendors that cater to the geek, actors signing autographs and a veritable cornocopia of costumed fans in attendance. Most cons are for anime fans, science fiction, horror, comic book collectors and so on. 

The best part for me has always been the inclusiveness that happens at a con. In the real world us geeks are the outsiders. The "freaks" (a badge that I now wear proudly but has taken many years for me to accept). I love the fact that at a con we all fit it. There are no sideways looks. There is only celebration. Only true joy in being able to dress up and be the surrounded by kindred spirits. 

Anyways, I've proudly raised my kids to be who they are. To like what they like. Without worrying about what others think. Or about what's popular and in style.  Thing 1 is a gaming Star Wars fanatic. Thing 2 has grown into a rabid Whovian (for those who don't understand a whovian is a Doctor Who fan).  

So off we went to their first con with 1 dressed as a Sith Lord and 2 dressed as a female doctor. 

They had a blast. I loved showing them the fringe culture that I, and now they, belong to. A place where they can proudly let their freak flag fly.  They loved every aspect of the convention and are already asking about the next one. 

For them and me it's like coming home. A place where everyone from the jock who secretly watches Star Trek, to the computer geek to the fan girl feels comfortable. There is no judgement just is being us in the way we can. 

If you've never had a chance to go to a con I recommend it. It's definitely a blast for everyone. 

I think I've written enough here so I will go and search for commas. 


I'll leave you with a picture of the best thing ever. I bought it a the con and love that I look like a Wookie!

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