Friday, 7 March 2014

Here we go...

Hey there! I'm Gloria - thanks for coming to check out my blog. I've just received my first contract to publish my novel "Supernaturally Yours" and here I am a couple days later, blogging away like a pro. Well, maybe not like a pro but definitely like me.

I've given it some thought and what I've come up with is to blog the process of getting published. The nitty gritty, the crazy (that would be me by the way), the insecurities. Basically all my stuff - baggage or laughter. Tears or successes. Tell you about the book, about me and generally bore you or make you giggle with the things that happen.

Here I am, metaphorically naked, as I begin this journey and hope to take a few of you with me. Thanks for coming along, enjoy the ride.


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